The Quest for Bras

Tomorrow, it’ll be a week since my surgery. That’s so weird, because it seems like it happened yesterday. I’m glad, though, that it doesn’t feel like it happened yesterday. The pain isn’t gone- far from it- but it hasn’t gotten worse. I’ve been taking ibuprofen only, and actually more for headaches than anything else. Yesterday, I finally took a shower, which, besides smelling good at last, meant taking off the official doctor dressings off. While my mom did a really good job of patching me up, the bandages weren’t as supportive, so I was probably the most sore I’ve been since the hospital, this morning.

I had bought a two-pack of front-closing sports bras at WalMart a few weeks before my surgery. They were APPARENTLY extra-large, but holding one of them up to my new boobs, I knew that while they might be okay for exercise, no way were they going to work for recovery- way too small. And so after my mom stopped by her work, we went to look for some replacement bras.

I thought with my smaller size, it would be easy, or at least easier, to find sports bras. And it will be as soon as I can wear back-closing ones, but it’s extremely hard to find an abundance of front-closing bras without an underwire in ANY size. We had to go to three stores and ended up having success at KMart, of all places.

After shopping, I was so exhausted. I think I said this before, but I really need to slow down. I’m moving around like I’m two weeks post-op, and my body is feeling it. And even if my body isn’t showing it right now, I’ve heard that if you get your heart rate up too high, by exercising or exerting yourself in general, your scars will be much more visible than if you don’t.

As far as size goes, I’m in the D/DD range, maybe going a tad smaller when the swelling goes down. I’m not surprised by this. I really really wish I had been taken down to a C, for size purposes, but as long as I can buy my bras in an American store for less than a hundred dollars, I’m pretty happy. Plus, I finally got up the courage too look at my new self in the mirror today; I was really afraid to see the stitches and bruising. But actually, the weirdest part is the fact that my chest is stained almost completely yellow from the disinfectant they used during surgery. Otherwise… it looks awesome. Very little bruising, and while I will probably forever want to be a C, I look so much more proportional; the size is probably exactly right. I just love them,and they way I look now, so much. This decision was such a good one.


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  1. Katie
    Jul 24, 2014 @ 13:14:25

    I think Linda the Bra Lady and Butterfly Collection both have recovery bras- I know it can be a mess ordering online but Butterfly has a good size calculator.


    • Rachel
      Jul 25, 2014 @ 16:54:34

      I don’t need to get an official “recovery” bra- my surgeon said a sports bra would be all right. But even finding front-closing, plain old sports bras are hard. Plus, official recovery bras tend to be s little more expensive.


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