Yesterday was just one of those days where the stress doesn’t stop. It actually started the day before, because I think my nerves were affecting my work performance, which was abysmal.

The thing I was most nervous about was the first thing, my pre-admission testing for my surgery. They gave me a list of things they MIGHT do (drawing blood, EKG, mammogram, urine sample), but no one was sure what would be needed. I was pretty sure they’d do a blood drawing though, since that covers so many bases, and I was most nervous about that since I’ve never had blood drawn before. My therapist had given me a lot of tips, but I was still worried.

Turns out, I shouldn’t have been. I hardly had to wait to be seen, and when I was, they looked at my sheet and, upon seeing I’ve never had any of the listed problems, decided I didn’t have to do so much as pee in a cup. All they did was look in my ears and listen to my heart and lungs. I couldn’t believe it. I was also surprised and really happy to get all of my surgery information; my procedure is at 6 am, and not at the hospital’s location in the city, but the one five minutes from my house. This alleviates so much stress for both my mom and me; I don’t have to worry about taking the train into the city and walking to the hospital with just my i.d. and glasses case, and my mom doesn’t have to drive in the city, and it’s closer to my bed and my belongings, which makes everything easier.

After my appointment, I met up with my mom to trade cars. The brakes in my car went out again, and while the problem was only brake fluid this time, my mom has lent me her car for the next two weeks while my Nissan gets inspected again. While I’m recovering, I will definitely be researching new cars. Besides wanting a car whose breaks don’t go out every few months, I would really like air conditioning so I don’t show up to every destination soaked through.

I had my first meeting as a dramaturg at 3. It was really nerve wracking because the playwright was in his late seventies or early eighties, and I wasn’t sure if he would take me seriously. In the beginning, I was really nervous and saying “um” a lot and I don’t think he liked what was going on. But as the meeting went on, I got more comfortable, and he was more open to my feedback. At the end, I felt good and more confident, and he even insisted on paying me for my time (I do charge for subsequent sessions, but this first session was meant to be free.)

Following the meeting was therapy and tech, both of which were actually all right. I think that once the first two events were up, I was feeling better. The show is going to be really good; I’m sad we only run for a weekend.


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