Last weekend, my sister Allie graduated from college with her B.S. in vet technology. Hooray! She graduated in Buffalo, so I took three days off from work and flew there, staying her in her apartment with our cousin Laura. It was nice to have a few days off, especially since work right before had been really frustrating. I’m really glad I was able to go up and watch Allie graduate and help out with the party with my family, especially since I don’t get to see any of them very often. For now, Allie is staying in Buffalo, where she’s been offered a full-time job a the vet’s office she’s been working at.

I returned to PA and jumped right back into work and rehearsals. Taking even a few days off from work can make me rusty, so it’s always rough getting back into it, but I was really glad to have rehearsals. Since developing depression and worsening anxiety, even while on meds, I find it hard to come back from even a short trip, to transition back into real life-mode. The lack of drama and, probably, being on medication helped this time around, but it was still a hard transition, and rehearsal helped with that.

I found out today that I am officially not teaching this summer, and I am very, VERY happy about that.I loved most of the kids, but I really just hate teaching. It is not for me, and no amount of awesome kids can make me like it enough to teach them. So that’ll make me a little less stressed this summer (I hope.)