When I started my new job, one of my roommates was a trainer for the company and the other was a regular-level employee. Since then, they have both been promoted. They’re very good at their job and doing just as well since they’ve gotten their new positions. But as well as they’re doing, and as much extra money as they’re making, I do not envy them. When I was a kid I loved to be in charge of people, but not anymore. 

This week, while doing crazy driving between work and the show, I was thinking that I was really happy that I have a good job that not only pays well, but lets me act. Since my roommates were promoted, they’ve had to give up acting. Once we get more people working in our market, that might change, but it makes me sad that they can’t act because they don’t even have time to even audition, let alone rehearse. While I’m happy to have this job, acting is more important to me than it. 

So last night when I got home from the show, I was in the living room while my roommates Skyped with each other (one is training people in Virginia.) I’ve had a really good week sales-wise, which was written about on the company webpage, a note along the lines of  “Does every single store Rachel open do this great?!” and my roomies were talking about it.

“We really should make Rachel the manager of something,” Roomie 1 said, and the other agreed. 

I felt really bad that my stomach sunk upon hearing that. They want to promote me because I’m doing well, not to affect my life negatively. But the fact is that if I’m not acting, my life is affected negatively. It’s bad enough when I’m auditioning and not getting anything, but to not even have the ability to audition? That’s when I would start to hate my job, and I don’t want to hate my job.

Nothing has been mentioned since, and I know that my conflicts for this coming week are annoying (four shows, therapy, an audition, and a meeting with a playwriting coordinator.) Normally, I would have offered to skip the audition to free up the day it’s taking up, but this time, I didn’t. Not only do I want to go to the audition, I’ve missed two auditions in two and a half weeks because I was working. That’s not my roommate’s fault; for some reason, theatres are announcing their auditions less than a week before they happen, not allowing me to ask off in advance. But I’m not willing to miss another audition. 



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