Philadelphia, like much of the northeast US, is blanketed in snow. It started yesterday around nine a.m, as I was walking into work. By noon, there was at least two inches, possibly more, on the ground and my manager let me go home when I called him. Without snow, the drives takes half an hour. With it, it took three. The good thing was that it took three hours because people were being super careful. PennDOT didn’t touch the roads all day, so the only thing moving the snow around was the cars. Even this afternoon, the roads were perilous. I had planned to leave two hours before my therapy appointment to take the drive slowly. My therapist apparently had the same idea, because just as I was about to get ready to leave, she called me. “What are you thinking about driving?” she asked. She then told me she was at the end of her driveway, which to me, was psychologist for “I don’t want to go any further, please let us have a Skype session.” So we did.

The snow also forced rehearsal to be cancelled. I can’t believe it, but we’re a week and a half into rehearsals and the whole show is blocked. Crazy. I love this show and the cast; they’re fantastic. A mix of rehearsals and what seems to be the right anti-depressant combo is making me happier than I can remember being in a long time. 

I turned twenty-four on Sunday. I worked all day and made a lot of money. Once I turned thirteen, I stopped wanting to celebrate my birthday, but in general, they’re enjoyable. Still, I don’t really approve of this twenty-four. 



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