New Job #5647462

Yet again, I have been training for a new job. Hopefully this will be a more long-term job than some of my others, because I’m as tired of job hopping as you guys are of reading about it. The job is essentially live infomercials in stores, and tomorrow I will have finished my first week of training. My roommate it training both myself and a girl who went to the same university as both of us, and at first I was worried about being trained by someone who is my friend because I am often really self-conscious about performing (or in this case, pitching) in front of people I know. And that has been an obstacle for me, but I’m glad I was able to train with him because it means that during our downtime, I’m just hanging out with my friend instead of making awkward small talk with a new acquaintance.

For this company, they give you a $700 bonus if you can memorize the script in a week. The script is a short paragraph over three pages, single-spaced, and as a theatre person, I wasn’t worried. But I always manage to still get freaked out when I have to memorize an important script, even though the last three were thirty pages long and this one wasn’t even four. So I did what I always do when I get intimidated by a script: I procrastinated.

Eventually, though, I buckled down and memorized it in two days, doing my first show yesterday. The goal wasn’t to sell anything during my first show, just to get through it, but both I and the other trainee sold two during our respective shows. I did another show today and it wasn’t great, but I did get better. If I get good at this job, it will give me the financial stability I want to provide for myself.


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