Wedding Bells!

Last week, my parents and I headed down to North Carolina for my aunt Debbie’s wedding. My sister Allie met us down there and we all embraced the warm weather, since Pennsylvania couldn’t figure out how to produce warmth at the time (it has since done so.) This wedding story comes to you in    parts:

PART 1: The Runaway Caterers

Sadly, the world is not full of honest people, and my aunt and new uncle discovered that the caterer they hired was one of the dishonest ones. He ran away with their money (though I’ve just gotten the news that they got it back), so they basically had to make do with what was left of the company. They also improvised by having us help to prepare some hors d’ouvres. My aunt was very apologetic, but we didn’t mind at all:




Part 2: Cake


Since the catering situation was a little improvised (and there was an emergency at another site being served by the same company), my cousin Laura and I ended up serving the cake. The guests at the wedding were like vultures: even when we told them that the cake would be brought to them, they would not leave the cake’s side, as if we were going to gyp certain people some cake. In the end, the cake remains looked like the aftermath of a massacre.

There were some people who stayed in their seats, though, and while Laura cut the cake, I used my server skills to stack plates up my arm and walk around to the tables, offering one of the three flavors. One man took a plate from me and then said, “Fork?” I did not have forks. “Yeah,” he said with a bit of attitude. “Didn’t think of that, did ya?” And this is why I didn’t enjoy being a server; what is with the mistreatment of the people who handle your food?!

Part 3: Rain

We all knew it was slated to rain (and rain and rain and rain) the entire wedding weekend. But as my mom and my aunt kept saying, we can only control certain things, and the weather is not one of them. Even so, when a wedding is outside, everyone wants it to be nice. So when the rain clouds rolled in on the morning of the wedding and it started to pour a few hours before the ceremony, it was hard to put on a happy face.


But all of the worrying was for naught; just as the people started to arrive, the rain let up. It stayed away through the wedding and the reception, and it only began to drizzle around eight o’clock, when the festivities were scheduled to end.

Part 4: The Ceremony

The ceremony was held in my aunt and uncle’s backyard, which houses their large garden. About 60 people came to the wedding and it was very nice. The ceremony itself was short and sweet, which was fitting for the setting, and I’m really glad I was there to see it! I have watched my aunt get married before, but I was about four years old, and so I don’t remember much of that time at all.




Part 5: Cousins!

It has been YEARS (probably around 5 or so) that my cousins and I have been in the same place at the same time. After all, we all live in different states- Laura in North Carolina, Allie in Buffalo, Craig in Illinois, and I in Pennsylvania- and at least one of us has been unable to get away for a big family gathering. So we were finally all together, and we took the opportunity to recreate a picture from 1994:


LEFT: Me (age 23), Laura (middle, age 26), Craig (age 35), and Allie (age 21)
RIGHT: Me (age 4), Laura (age 8), Craig (age 16), and Allie (age 2.)

Part 6: Twins

My sister and I look a lot alike, though I look more like our mom and Allie looks more like our dad. When we were little, people always used to think we were twins, especially because, being the tiny child I was, Allie was always as tall as (if not taller than) me. As we’ve gotten older, though, we get asked if we’re twins less and less. But at the wedding, we were asked not once, but twice, if we were twins.

All in all, it was a great weekend. I love seeing my family, and to have a lot of them around for such a great reason was fantastic ❤


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