The Way to Live (or Not)

It’s exactly a week (almost to the minute) that I was fired from my hostessing job. As I wrote, I was inconsolable right afterward and felt like a failure for many days afterward.

But here’s the thing: now, just a week afterward, I am so much happier. My stress level is down, I actually have some free hours (I even had  free DAY on Tuesday), and in general, life is just better. Even with the knowledge that I AM going to have to replace the job eventually, because I don’t have enough money without it, I still have a sunnier outlook than I had for the last month.

After I was fired and got over the sadness of that, I started realizing what my life had been like while having that job (and many others.) I hated my ASMing job with a passion. I didn’t have time to eat square meals; instead, I lived on granola bars, or, if I had a rare extra five minutes, a sandwich here and there. I hadn’t seen my friends in months. I was crying every day. I was, in short, miserable. As soon as I realized how much more time I had, I saw what a detriment my hostessing job had been to my schedule. Without it, I ate better. On the free Tuesday I had this past Tuesday, I did my laundry and met up with not only my former thesis mentor about a project, but with my friend Nicole, with whom I hadn’t spent more than 15 minutes with since December. And it was wonderful. I was smiling for the first time in awhile. I had hope again.

What this has taught me is that the cliche is true- money can’t buy everything. I spent a month entirely focused on earning money, and it was one of the worst months of my life. Living a life without friends and square meals, overstressed by work and commitments is not a life. It’s just misery.

So as it happens, something that seems like the worst thing in the world can be a blessing in disguise.


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