Working Girl or, The Problem With Having Too Many Jobs

I have a lot of jobs… a LOT of jobs. If you want to get really technical, I have eight. At one time. Some of them are temporary, some, less so. (It is the unfortunate truth that the job that I want and was trained for will always be temporary *dramatic sigh*) Without further ado, my jobs:


-Singing server, which is soon to become a thing of the past. More on that in a future entry.

-Hostessing at a normal, stationary restaurant.

-Guiding historical tours.

-House managing the theatre of a Big Famous University.

-Freelance writing for


THE TEMPORARY ONES (see also: the ones I enjoy the most)

-Actor in a children’s show

-Standardized patient (at an auditory college, at the moment)

-Assistant stage manager of an Equity musical (that’s right, folks- I’m a professional backstage person now.)

Some of them are brand new, like the ASM job I took just three days ago. Some, like my serving job, are Old Faithfuls. The problem is, however, that I absolutely, 100% cannot do all of these. I’m managing to sort of juggle seven out of eight of them right now, but not without occasional neglect of either myself or another job. I want to do all of them because I really, really need the money, but I can’t risk annoying eight different bosses. And also… I’m really, really tired. Right now, my body aches like I’ve either been exercising a lot of was beaten, and neither is the case; I’m just exhausted. This past weekend, I worked a double on Friday, went home, slept for three hours, got up at 3:45 a.m. to go shoot a film from 4:15 am to 7:30 am, went home, slept for two more hours, went to a six-hour (AMAZING) writing workshop, and then worked another double the next day. I thought I might be able to get some sleep this week, but between hostessing five days a week, training for either my house management or tourguiding job, and not being able to sleep because of stress, I am about to fall over most of the time. And I think my exhaustion is pretty palpable; today, I only asked my house managing co-worker if that job was year-round, and her response was, “If you have another job that’s stressing you out too much, quit.”

It’s what I’m going to have to do. More on that later… now, I have to go memorize a few pages of my tourguiding script.


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