Geez Louise

When it rains, it pours, as they say.

This morning at 9:30, I had a training session for my new tourguiding job. I woke up late, which meant my breakfast was a sad granola bar instead of something more filling. The tour was really fun, though. I had been thinking that if I had to give up a job, this one might be it, but after going on the tour, I saw how much I would enjoy it after the awfulness that is memorizing tours.

As I mentioned in my last post, I had an interview with a restaurant on Friday. It went very well; I was quickly passed to the second round, then asked to stand by to attend a third. In a way, it seemed almost too good; I felt like I was saying all these negative things and they were seeing them as great. I’d be like, “I have another restaurant job, so I’m not really that available,” and they’d say, “It’s so great that you have restaurant experience!” It was to the point where I felt I could say, “I’m a murderer,” and they would have been like, “What an interesting and unique pastime! That really sets you apart from the other applicants!”

The third round happened today, after my tour training, with the owner of this restaurant (as well as about half of the restaurants in the city.) It didn’t start out well, simply because I went to the wrong location, then was sent from Location #2 ro Location #3 and arrived there flustered, which caused me to babble at the secretary. When I finally took my seat, I was sitting with three other girls and one guy, all very well-dressed. I had been pretty sure the job was mine until I saw them. But as it turns out, we were all there for different jobs. The secretary was annoyed because the restaurant hadn’t told her I was coming, so I was a nuisance from the second I walked in the door. But the boss didn’t seem to care. Before I went in, the guy who was also interviewing came out and said to me, “Are you good with eye contact?” “Yes,” I said, because I am when I have to be. “Look him right in the eye the whole time,” he advised me, and as soon as I was brought back to the boss’ office, I saw why the guy had given me that instruction. The boss’ eye contact was almost painfully intense, and the sort of interview that would usually take ten minutes took him five as he fired questions at me. Even so, he was a nice guy and I didn’t feel like I was being tossed to the curb when my interview was over in two and a half minutes (literally. No one else was any different.)

When I left the office, the secretary told me to go back to the actual restaurant where I’d applied; they’d be expecting me. When I got there, I was told that the manager had stepped out, but I could wait for him at the counter. He was out for awhile, though, and the other manager very apologetically insisted that he treat me to lunch there. I thought it might be kind of awkward- what if the manager came over and I was chewing or there was grease on my hand?- but besides the fact that he was very, very insistent, it was also 2 p.m. and the only thing I’d had to eat was the granola bar, so I ended up ordering food. When I was about halfway through, the manager came over and said that he was sorry, they hadn’t expected the boss to send me over today, but to keep an eye on my e-mail because Cameron was going to write me about training sessions. “Congratulations,” he said, and we shook hands, sealing the deal on my fifth job.

So now I have more jobs than is sane. After talking to my mom today, I’m going to keep all of them for now, since my other restaurant job is still slow, but eventually, something will have to give. I don’t know what it’ll be, but no matter what it is, I know it’ll be hard because I’m always afraid people will take it personally. But we’ll see what happens.

Then tonight, I checked my e-mail and found a message from a guy who is in the film department at the school where I’m doing my next film, as well as the one I did in November. He said that he had liked my work in my last film, as well as my audition for the upcoming film, and was offering me a part straight up; no audition. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can take it because I have conflicts on at least one of the days, but it feels pretty amazing to be offered a part straight out. I’ve never had that happen before.

Things, to say the least, are crazy.


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  1. Yasmine
    Feb 26, 2013 @ 20:09:55

    I enjoyed reading this, very nicely written, and interesting too!


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