Job Hunting is Like Applying to College Except Less Fun

I hated applying to college. A lot. All those forms that looked the same, writing all those awful essays, and knowing that in many cases (or in most cases, for me), most of the effort would be rewarded with a rejection letter.

For the past three days when I haven’t been finishing up my last few tours, I’ve been job hunting. For some of those jobs, that just means sitting at home on my computer, composing cover letters and hitting the buttons for ‘attach’ and ‘send.’ But as the case was yesterday, I felt like I really was hunting. I walked around the city, mostly the streets that host a ton of high-end stores, looking closely at every window for a “Help Wanted” sign (or, as it seems to be now, “Employment Opportunities Available.”) Thankfully, it was a beautiful day outside, so walking around wasn’t as much of a chore as it would have been a few frigid days ago. But do you know how many of those signs I saw? One. ONE. And when I went inside to inquire, the nice lady behind the counter told me that I could apply online “but, if I’m being honest, it’ll probably be like one shift a week, like six to eight hours a week.” So that one chance was kind of shot; while I’m sure that’s a lovely place to work and the people seemed super nice, one shift a week isn’t even worth taking a job for.

It shows how much I need/want another job that I actually went into businesses and asked them if they were hiring. Normally, that’s not something I would be able to do. But now, I know I have to, so I just bite the bullet and do it. I went into a bunch of places that did not have “opportunities available” signs in their windows just because, resume in hand (see how prepared I was? I’m a good little job hunter.) Sadly, I was met with the same answer at almost every place: “We’re not hiring right now, but we’re always taking applications!” I filled out each of these fairly pointless applications (I applied to work at Barnes and Noble in 2006. I’m still waiting to hear back.)

By now, I’ve filled out about ten applications, and by tonight, it’ll be more. And maybe this process seems hopeless to me just because I’ve actually never really gone job hunting. I suppose if you consider auditioning job hunting, then the story might be different, but because those are cases in which I get to act, not just fill out a piece of paper, I don’t really count that. In pretty much every case, I’ve applied for one job, maybe two, gotten an interview, and gotten the job. So this new thing I’m doing, this seemingly endless succession of repetitive questions asked by a piece of paper, is pretty awful to me. In my opinion, college-bound students and job-hunters alike should be able to fill out one form and make a zillion copies of it that contains all of the information they spend hours writing out for each respective college/job. After all, no matter how many forms you fill out in this short period of time, the information never changes in that period of time. I’m sick of my own name at this point. I just hope that eventually, I’ll get a call, and by eventually, I mean like… really, really soon.


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