Show Countdown!

With just nine (NINE!) left before we open, rehearsals are getting super intense. I am bruised all over from doing a pratfall during a musical number over and over, brushburned from a squabble during the same number, and just overall exhausted. Tonight’s rehearsal, while only three hours, was a doozy- we blocked almost all of the show in that time, and my brain can’t hold any more information.

But while I’m exhausted, it’s the good kind. I LOVE being in this show. The cast is great (even the one member that doesn’t quite know where the line is between suggestion and giving direction) and so are the director and the woman who is basically the whole orchestra. Since it’s been so long since I’ve been in a show, I really appreciate that feeling of working and creating with a cast, which I haven’t had since March, when Children’s Hour rehearsals were in full swing. It’s not guaranteed that casts will click instantly, but we all really get along, and I surprised myself with how quickly I was comfortable around everyone. Though I had two great shows during my senior year, they were both with people I already knew; this is the first brand-new cast I’ve worked with in over a year.  With this show, I feel like I’m integral to the process. At the beginning, we had some brainstorming sessions, both with the whole cast, and with just my fellow swindler and me, and during all of them, we tossed around ideas, and I always felt like mine were accepted with open arms, and we’re even using most of them. We just got up on our feet in the last week or so, and I’m having such  a great time creating and playing around. I rarely play a character that’s the comic relief of the show, and though it’s really really scary for non-physical me, I’m really enjoying it.

With the number of rehearsals dwindling so quickly, I’m getting really nervous about getting it all done in time, but our director knows what she’s doing. I suppose what I’m actually nervous about is the fact that this is my first big part in a musical. While I am the first to say “there are no small parts,” I have to admit that having a singing role where, if I screw up, people can actually tell, is pretty scary- especially when I have to pair that with dancing, which is not my strong suit. But again, it’s a very safe environment in which to fail, and I think that by the time we open, I’ll feel comfortable with it.

Since this is my first show out of college, I’ve been noticing how much I learned while in the shows at my alma mater. I didn’t do many- only two- but they were two very intense plays and I was able to work closely with both of my directors. Only now am I realizing just how much I changed as an actor as a result of those two shows. Before being cast at my college, I never EVER asked questions, which meant that I missed out on a lot of good conversation that could have helped me develop my character and my skills. I thought that asking questions would make me seem inexperienced and unprofessional, so if I got a note, I just nodded and wrote it down. I also never used to play around with my performance. Again, if I got a note, I took it and applied it, but if the director didn’t say anything, I never changed a single thing about my performance. While there’s definitely something to be said for consistency, there’s also so much to explore as the actors and director develop a show, even into performances. Since I started playing around with my performances, I’ve discovered so much more, and it’s made my performances all the richer, and I’m so happy that I learned to do that before I set off into the “real world” of theatre. I know I have so much more to learn about being an actor, but lately I’ve been so grateful of what I gleaned from the past year and a half of acting.


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