I meant to write about this awhile ago, but at first I wasn’t allowed, and then I got super busy. But now, I have the time and it’s VERY EXCITING!

On the first of the month, I was asked to come in for an audition. I had auditioned for the theatre’s season as a whole, and now a director wanted to see me for a specific show. I couldn’t make the audition due to giving a tour, but the director nicely agreed to have me come in on the fourth. As it happened, she was also seeing a guy for the same show, at the same time, so we auditioned together. It was run more like a callback than an audition in that the other actor and I read together, sang together, and were directed much more than one usually gets in an audition. The other actor and I worked very well together from the start; sometimes, you just have that connection with someone. After we had finished singing, the director sort of looked us up and down, and looked at us together, and then said, “Yes, I think you two would do very well.”

To get offered a part at the audition is, for me at least, a big deal. I’ve heard of it happening and I’ve seen it happen, but it’s never happened to me. I was pretty thrilled, and to know that an actor I clicked with (whose name is Travis) was also in the cast, was an added bonus. Another great part was hearing that I had gotten the part over someone they knew. That’s been one of the hardest things about breaking into the Philadelphia theatre world; people tend to cast people they know, and most people don’t know me. The other three actors in this show (The Emperor’s New Clothes) are usuals at this theatre, and it sort of sounded like the director had been considering another actor for my part, but she commented to Travis that the other girl was “younger and not as strong.” It feels so great to know that I impressed her enough to convince her to take a chance on me.

I’m very excited about this show- it’s children’s theatre, which I’ve been wanting to do for awhile, and it’s a touring show that goes around to schools. We’ll be running for a weekend at the theatre (opening on my twenty-third birthday!) before we start the tour. I have always wanted to do a touring show, and while I dreamed more of a national tour level, this is a nice start.

We started rehearsals on Monday and have had two since then, and it’s all just great. It’s a musical, and it’s my first musical role that actually means something; though I can sing, I’m not as good as a lot of musical theatre artists and so generally get relegated to the chorus. But there are only four of us in the cast, so every part matters. The cast gets along well, and especially today, when Travis, the director, and I were working on the swindlers’ backstories, we had a lot of fun creating together.

I’ve only ever done one children’s theatre show, over two years ago when I played the title role in Alice in Wonderland. I really enjoy performing for kids because they’re really enthusiastic, and especially because we tour, I think we’re going to get the gamut of audiences, good and bad, which will be nice for my growth as a performer. I also love that our director is passionate about the show as a children’s piece. I play kids/young adults a lot, and one of the reasons I like doing it is because I like giving these characters a brain and a personality. So many times, you see kids played as really dumb or very one-note. I see kids and young adults as people with emotions and intelligence, and enjoy playing them as such. Relatedly, some people see children’s theatre as a lower level theatre, but today, our director said, “There is no change in presenting a character just because it’s children’s theatre. You will have depth and objectives, and ways to achieve them.”

The most notable thing about being in rehearsals again is how much my mood has changed. I’m not suddenly skipping around throwing flowers in the air or anything, but I’m finally happy for most of the time again. Rehearsals give me a lot of things: something to do, goals, relationships, challenges, and things to look forward to. Other things in life give me a few of these things at once, but acting is the only thing that delivers them in that wonderfully messy package called a show. 🙂


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  1. Surena
    Dec 14, 2012 @ 23:38:58

    I found your blog here because I am also an actor! I really love your honesty about life and how acting all fits into it. If you have time or if you are feeling like you want to read things from another actor’s POV feel free to pop on over to my neck of the woods:

    Nice meeting you!!


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