Filming Day 2

Sunday was my second and final day on the student film shoot, and it couldn’t have been more different from the first day.

First of all, it was a night shoot, so I didn’t have to be onset until 5:30. When I finally got to the location, I saw that we were filming in a house rented by a bunch of students. I don’t know how the film crew managed to secure this house, because the residents did not seem terribly happy that we were there, but maybe that was just because the scene we were shooting there involved us opening the door constantly, and it was really, really cold outside. I felt that cold all the way down to my bones, because the entire scene took place outdoors and it took an hour and a half to film a page and a half of dialogue and WOW, was it cold.

My scene partner, Chris, was there when I arrived and he was really nice, so we chatted until it was time to stand in our places as they adjusted the lights. THe crew was great and let us go inside whenever we weren’t needed, and even though it was only in five minute increments, it made a lot of difference. I had been asked to wear an outfit that my character would wear to work, and though I picked out two skirts for them to choose from, I wasn’t willing even to drive while wearing one, it was so cold, and thankfully, my showing up in jeans made them change their mind about the skirt and I got to wear my pants while outside. I can’t even imagine how cold I would have been with bare legs. By the time we were finished, none of us could walk properly because our feet were numb.

We all headed to the next location, which was actually a diner that I eat at pretty frequently when I work doubles, it being across the highway from my workplace. There, I met my other two “lovers,” Carlos and another actor whose name, though we spent three hours in a diner together, I did not catch. They were all really great to work with, although they too gave directions to the director. Am I the only actor who thinks it’s none of my business? We shot  sequence of scenes at the diner, and I had to change my dress a lot for different shots so that they didn’t have to move the camera and lights from position to position to get me in the same outfit with different angles.

Shooting the scenes was really fun, and I was much less self-conscious, maybe because I had another actor to work off of who wasn’t giving me direction. Also, the scenes were a lot more active- I got to stab and slap one guy, get water spilled on me (over and over and over again), and eat food, which I’m sure distracted me from my own presence. All of these sequences together took about three hours to film, and when I wrapped at 11:30, they applauded me, as they had all the other actors when they wrapped. While I still think I’m a terrible film actor,  the director and producer liked my work, which is what counts. Eventually I’ll get the DVD, which I’ll never watch, but it’ll be a nice souvenir.


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