Surviving a Hurricane

We had a spot of rain yesterday, as my fellow East Coast-ers may have noticed. Hurricane Sandy decided to take a little jaunt down this side of the continent, and boy, did she leave her mark.

While I certainly was less at-risk than many people I know- I do not live by any bodies of water; I live on the fourteenth floor of a building, so no flooding for me; and while I’m an internet addict, nothing imperative would be missed if I didn’t have internet or power- I was still a little nervous. Because while, yes, I do not live by any bodies of water, I do work on a cruise ship, and my last shift before the hurricane arrived ended by storm-proofing the ship. The marine crew are literally sleeping on the ship to keep it safe, but Sandy is stronger than those men and women if she really wants to do something, and I was kind of worried that I wouldn’t have a workplace, and therefore no job, if she decided to take the ship with her. I actually heard that there was a ship from that harbor on one of the streets, taken there by high tide and hurricane water, but since I’ve received two cheery e-mails from my manager today, I’m guessing that it was not us, thank God.

Also, though living on the fourteenth floor means that we won’t be flooded, I was a little worried about the wind. As I write this, and pretty much twenty-four hours of every day, I can hear something creaking on the roof above me. I think it might be ginormous satellite dishes for people’s cable, but that’s just a guess. Whatever it is, though, it creaks day and night, and I suspected that high-powered winds would, if not rip the creaky things off the roof, at least make the noise worse. Weirdly, the creaky things were completely silent during the many hours of the storm, but now they’re making themselves known again. The mystery will never cease.

What we also have in our building are two very, VERY loud alarms. Around 4 this morning, there was a power surge that set off both of them. One, apparently, is inside the apartment while the second is in the hallway. When the first one started, my sleep-soaked brain wondered why the boys were playing video games so loudly. As the other joined in and no amount of pillows and blankets over my head and fingers in my ears could drown out the sound, I decided that they sounded like the TARDIS. Instead of running outside like you’re supposed to when an alarm goes off, we just huddled in our beds and tried to block out the sound. It took way too long for the alarm the shut off.

We were also lucky in that, despite most of the areas around us, we did not lose power. It was flickering for hours, but never went out. This morning, I drove to the post office and most of the traffic lights were still out. There were lots of branches and leaves on the roads and some signs were destroyed, and on the street where I used to live, trees and power lines were down. But when I see pictures of New York and places by the ocean, I feel very lucky. As it is, my roommates have off until Friday, making it the first fall break any of us have ever seen at the university.


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    Nov 04, 2012 @ 06:28:54

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