“My Life Will Be Moving.”

sometimes, the weirdness of the life I’ve chosen strikes me. Because I live with three college students (and because seventeen years of academia has brainwashed me into thinking the calendar year starts in August/September), I very aware that the fall semester is about half over, which means the school year is almost a  quarter of the way over (MATH! Sometimes I do it.)

This is significant to me for a few reasons. First, there’s the realization that the holidays won’t be the same anymore. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and I’ve never gotten over my love of seeing my (parents’) house decorated for Christmas for a month. Even being at college, it was a huge adjustment all four years to not be home for more than a few days before the turkey stupor struck or only seeing Christmas at the house starting December 7th (or, at it was for three out of four of my college years, December 18th or 20th.) But this year will be even more different. There’s a very real possibility that I will be working both of those significant holidays, as well as many other that mean much less to me. Having a mother who works in health care, I’ve experienced the odd Christmas that was celebrated a day early or late so that my mom could be at work and not miss the festivities, but this is different. My mom is, obviously, the mother- of course we would change around the Christmas festivities. It’s expected, because what’s Christmas without everyone there? But I feel like it’s different in the case of children. After all, aren’t I supposed to be striking out on my own, building my own life and, yes, eventually, family, with whom I will inevitably spend more Christmases? What’s the cut-off date for grown-up, chronically single children going home for the holidays? How many days am I allowed? And is there a limit to how many leftovers I’m allowed to bring back to my apartment with me so I can avoid cooking that much longer?

Second, though the end of a semester doesn’t affect me for most of the reasons it affects my roommates, there is one significant thing that will happen come May: my roommates will graduate, and they will move on. While I’ve already started that phase of my life, this May is going to bring a sort of revisiting to that time, because my roommates will scatter and I will have to move out because I live in a penthouse and no way can I afford it on my own. So yet again, I will be looking for a place to live. I’ve already had the proposition of moving to NYC with my friend and junior year roommate Kara, but there are a lot of considerations in that decision, one being whether I can afford it and two being if, come May, the offer’s still on the table. I’m also unsure if I want to move to NYC now, but that’s a topic for another entry.

Before I moved out of my parents’ house, I had a conversation with my dad that involved me saying, “I’ll always be moving my stuff. My life will be moving.” I knew it was true then, but now that I’m looking at all of these factors, I’m seeing how right I really was.


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  1. Katie
    Oct 21, 2012 @ 13:30:37

    If you ask my family, there’s no cut off for coming home- even married with a furbaby.
    (Also, we will likely coming back for almost a full week for Thanksgiving, a first since I left for college)


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