“F*ck I’m in My Twenties”

As you’ll probably remember, I spent much of this blog in the beginning angsting about how weird I felt all the time. In talking to some people, I have learned that this is normal, but this one of those times where I’d rather not be normal if it means feeling so crappy or strange all the time. My friend Josh claims he was a crazy person for the first six months after graduating. The professor with whom I had dinner the other day said to me, “I just remember my first year out of school being…” and then exhaled loudly. So I’m not alone.

While noodling around on the internet last night, I somehow came across  Tumblr that is my life. It’s called F*ck I’m in my Twenties, and it is a gem of truthfulness and humor. I wish I had found it earlier- it would have made my summer a lot less miserable, someone knowing exactly how I felt the whole time, and still feel a lot of the time. The blog and its pictures are designed by Emma Koenig, a twenty-something who, like me, holds a BFA and is an actor.

Some examples of her work:

The book version of her Tumblr comes out soon, and I’m seriously considering buying it, just to have a bound, document version of my feelings (written by someone else.)


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