Tibetan Swimming Lessons

As I’ve mentioned, there is a pool in backyard of the house in which I live. One day, I came home from work and after chatting with my landlord and her friend, the two of them left to go somewhere, leaving me alone to get things together for my reading. As I was binding scripts together, I heard a car pull into the driveway. I looked out the window and saw an Asian man and two young kids heading toward the pool area.

This was kind of confusing- my landlord has mentioned several times that she has a son, but there’s a picture of him in the kitchen and, well, he’s not Asian. But hey, maybe her son was already in the pool area and this man was his friend or boyfriend or husband or whatever. But when I looked out my window that overlooked the pool, there wasn’t anyone else there.

I watched as the family casually entered the pool area and spread out their towels. The kids jumped into the pool and started splashing around. A part of my brain was saying, ‘Maybe you should, you know, go check that this man isn’t a murderer. Your landlord never mentioned that people would be coming over to use the pool. Maybe they’re not supposed to be here. Maybe you’re going to be killed when you go downstairs to make a sandwich.‘ But the anti-social part of my brain was going, ‘They’re probably regulars, and if you, the new girl, go down and demand to know if they’re supposed to be here, they will be offended.’ I tried to picture the scene in my head: “Hello, sir. I’m Rachel. I live here. Are you- um- should you be here, in the pool, in a backyard that is not yours?”

I snuck another peek out the window. Now they were having a picnic on the lawn.

As usual, I took the anti-social route. In hindsight, this was pretty stupid; there were people I didn’t know eating food in the backyard, and what if my landlord came home and was like, “Rachel, do you know these Asian people on my lawn? They must be your friends because I’ve never seen them before, RIGHT?” And then she would kick me out.

I looked out the window again. The man was giving the kids instructions in a language I didn’t know. WHAT WAS HAPPENING?

About an hour later, my landlord came home, and when she passed my room, I braced myself. She had to have seen the strange car, right? So she was either going to comment on how this was her best friend and his kids, or ask me why I wasn’t outside swimming with my best friend and his kids.

Thankfully, it was the former. “How are you enjoying the Tibetan swimming lesson?” she asked. “They come every now and then to use the pool.”


…I don’t really have an interesting end to this story. The family still comes by every week or so, but now I know that they’re not trespassers who want to kill me. Being shanked by a six year-old wearing swimmies is a bad way to go (especially since he probably could actually take me. I’m really weak.)

There should be some stories and pictures coming up in a few days, as I leave tomorrow for a mini road trip with my friend Stuart! We’re going to the Hudson River Valley and it should be a good time 🙂


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  1. Margaret Garcia
    Jul 26, 2012 @ 18:46:26

    Nice color choice on the blog. It is really easy on my eyes and I have bad eyes too so that’s a really big compliment lol


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