The Time My Workplace Ran Away

Something I didn’t mention in my introductory post is that I am not a waitress in a normal, stationary restaurant. I work on a dinner cruise ship. There are a bunch of them in Philadelphia, and I won’t tell you on which of them I work, because who knows what stories I’ll tell, and I’d rather not be fired. But the important thing to know is that, yes, my workplace is mobile.

Today was my first real day of work. I’ve done three other shifts, but they were all training. I was feeling pretty ready for the day- it was a student cruise, which are really easy, sometimes even boring. They help themselves to everything, so the only thing we servers really do is bus. But hey, I’m cool with being eased into my job.

So I took the train into the city, then the subway down to where the ship docks. It’s a bit of a walk from the subway station to the dock, and I was moseying along, listening to music, and then I turned the corner, ready to walk up the gangway onto the ship… and there was no ship.

How many people can say that sometimes, their workplace goes missing?

I didn’t know what to do. There was no way I was late- besides the fact that my shift didn’t start for twenty minutes, we spend the roughly first two hours of our time preparing for the guests. So… where was the boat?

I guess I could have called the offices, but I knew exactly how stupid my end of the conversation would sound. “Hi, I just came to start my shift and, um… do you know where the boat is?”

Thankfully, I only spazzed out on the empty dock for a few minutes before one of my co-workers came and told me that there was a brunch cruise and they just hadn’t returned yet. My sanity was reinstated.

That’s one thing I like about my job already: my coworkers. I’ve met a lot (though not all) of them, and they’re all nice, funny people. Most are performers, too, which is cool. Some of them have remarked that they believe I have a secret life, because I’m very shy when I first meet new people, so I haven’t spoken much these last few shifts. They’re going to be sadly disappointed when they find out that what they see is whey they get. I can feel myself warming up to them, though, talking more. Not enough, though, apparently; while we were in the waitstation together, one of my coworkers said, “Why don’t you ever talk? We need to fix that.” But others have hope for me. “You’ll be one of us by the end of the week,” another person said to me today. “I feel like they don’t hire anti-social people. They see something in the interview that means you’ll click with us.”

I think they’re right.


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    Jun 30, 2012 @ 18:06:30

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